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Imagine using your experience to help promote ethical commerce & integrity in your industry while simultaneously building your own growing business.

Why WhoZaGood®?

Every once in a while something comes along that changes everything. WhoZaGood® is a search, rating and matching platform like no other. Our patented technology is poised to be the next generation of the way businesses and consumers connect and interact with each other in the U.S. and Canada… eventually around the world. The evolution of commerce is underway!

The Market Opportunity

Designed to capitalize on two megatrends of social media and the return of integrity to commerce, WhoZaGood® offers a unique franchise business model that has the potential to survive any economic climate. With over 4 billion online searches every month and 88% of consumers saying they are influenced by online ratings and reviews; the market opportunity is tremendous and getting larger every day.

An Opportunity Like No Other!

A business opportunity with the benefit of no inventory, bricks or mortar, storefronts or large staffing requirements, no on-going fees or royalties yet with multiple revenue streams and revenues collected automatically for you.

A business opportunity where you can participate according to your own schedule in a board membership style engagement, where your commitment is based on your lifestyle. You can stay in your current position while building this business for yourself. Territory includes the rights for all of U.S. and Canada.

This is a ground floor opportunity that will allow you to help shape your industry and this dynamic, world-class company WhoZaGood®!

We've caught your attention! So how do you get involved?

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"An Idea Whose Time Has Come."
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This is a franchise opportunity that is not currently being offered or directed to (and a franchise will not be sold to) residents of California, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

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